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Calliope Thomas Fine Art

Sarasota, FL


In this world of our high energy and physical reality, it is Ms. Thomas's goal to bring to the observer the innocence of nature through flowers and landscapes. Her objective is to breathe life, beauty, romance and healing on every masterpiece she creates. Every stroke is placed on the surface with love to bring healing into your home at whatever level of consciousness you choose.

Calliope Thomas is a visual artist who graduated from Queens College in New York in 1991 with a BA in Education. She became an early childhood educator and chose to use her artistic talents with Kindergartners. Now concentrating on art full time, she is inspired by the dance of harmony in her life choosing oils, acrylics and pastels as her medium. Ms. Thomas focuses mainly on landscape, still life and flowers, and through the use of vibrant colors, breathes beauty into every painting she creates. She participates annually in Cedarburg’s Plein Air Competition, Wauwatosa Plein Air and Village Affair, and South Shore Frolics Festival of Arts and the Milwaukee’s Artist Marketplace.

Now, Ms. Thomas is embarking on a new adventure by moving to Bradenton, and then Sarasota, Florida, where she will continue to work in pastels. For more information you can visit her at where she talks about her journey as a pastelist.


Stylized Flower by Calliope Thomas


View from South Shore by Calliope Thomas


View of Lake Fowler by Calliope Thomas


Lake Michigan View by Calliope Thomas


The Gnarley One by Calliope Thomas


Tree Trunk by Calliope Thomas


My Neighbor's Sunflower by Calliope Thomas


Light Wave by Calliope Thomas


Rushing Waters by Calliope Thomas


Mykonos Church by Calliope Thomas


My Summer Place by Calliope Thomas


Park Scape by Calliope Thomas


Potted Plant by Calliope Thomas


Brazillian Plume by Calliope Thomas


Tempest by Calliope Thomas


Cedarburg Covered Bridge by Calliope Thomas


Apple Picking by Calliope Thomas


Cat on the Hunt by Calliope Thomas